Urban Wave was created in 2011 as a path to make our lives more about the water. Our first year of SUP included surf and SUP trips to San Diego, Florida, Texas, Vancouver, and Costa Rica. We also had the good fortune to spend a winter travelling through Europe and experiencing SUP as a global sport in Scotland, Germany, Sicily, France and Belgium. And this year added the Persian Gulf out of Doha, Qatar to the growing list of 10 countries on 3 different continents.

We hope you will give us a chance to discuss your SUP purchase so you make the best decision that matches your budget. We have sold hundreds of boards over the years from companies like Pau Hana, Tahoe, Hobie, and Bounce. We decided last year to focus solely on 1 brand we trust the most-BOTE Boards. We sell boards because we love the sport and we like how this company treats their dealers and customers plus their boards have the most amazing features. SUP is not a cheap sport to enter and we realize many cheap options exist in the market. Cheap does not automatically equal bad quality but there are many valuable insights we can share with you to ensure your SUP gear matches how you want to sup the best. The goal is to get you on the water having fun!

"Urban" Sarah's Bio:

Sarah grew up in the 80's and admits to being a Michael Jackson fan and a Trekkie. She saw E.T. at the drive-in movie theater 13 times and studied International Relations at Michigan State University. During her studies, she enjoyed a 6-week program in Mayen, Germany to study culture, language, and beer. After college, Sarah blazed her trail to Phoenix, AZ where she discovered scorpions and dry heat like a mid-westerner girl never knew existed. Next up, was a brief stint in Las Cruces, NM to build a new gourmet coffee sandwich shop from scratch named the, "Red Mountain Café". After that, she jumped into her next logical career choice: Law School (insert chuckle). With a love for public service, Sarah dove into law school on the weekends and worked full-time during the week at the 6th Circuit Courthouse in Pontiac, Michigan as a law clerk. She worked for the court 10+ years specializing in domestic violence and Civil Personal Protection Order enforcement. Sport wise, Sarah’s played tennis, softball, volleyball, rugby with the University of Michigan's women's club team and then became hooked on ice hockey as a goalie for the last 10+ years.

"Wave" Chani's Bio:

Born in Michigan, Chani Devers has traveled much of her high school and adult life. Her homes have ranged from California, Arizona, and Texas to Germany. In the 90's, she served in the military as a combat photographer. Post tour, she came to Detroit and earned a commercial photography degree from The College for Creative Studies. She has worked as a freelance photographer while continuing to serve in a very active career with the Michigan Air National Guard for 25+ years. Chani's surprisingly eclectic background has contributed to wide-ranging interests. In her free time, she: rides her Triumph motorcycle; plays drums and guitar and ice hockey; makes lots of espresso; plots over road maps for future adventures; and hunts for mid-century modern furniture. Her love of Michigan's natural beauty, along with growing up near water, draws her to the sport of Stand Up Paddle. With a focus on health, fitness and fun, Chani is always happy to share the great experience of SUP.